Paintbrush Preserver ~ 6 Brush Oil Dip

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Why clean your brushes? Preserves up to 6 paint brushes with paint left in them, greatly reduces cleaning time, using no harsh chemicals.

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This healthy oil suspension approach to paintbrush care allows you to safely leave paint brushes unattended for weeks with paint still in them, while almost eliminating harsh solvents.

Are you tired of using harsh solvents and want your paintbrushes to live longer lives? Greatly reduce paintbrush wear and cleanup time while extending the life of your oil paintbrushes and almost eliminating solvents. This paintbrush preserver holds up to 6 brushes suspended in 3 magnetically secured stainless steel cups, each tapered to greatly reduce oil use (less than 1/2oz each).

You can now leave paintbrushes for weeks with paint still in them!
A brush-health approach wrapped in an elegant design!

How to use the brush preserver?

When you’re finished painting, suspend the bristle tips into the cups with our artist-quality safflower oil – and walk away. To resume painting (even a month later), blot off the protective oil and continue. It saves time! Just clip it and forget it. You can use the oil in the cups repeatedly. When you decide, used oil can then be put to use cleaning your paintbrushes.

This method of oil storage can go on indefinitely, avoiding solvents and healing your bristles. Or, at any time you’re ready to store your brushes dry (paint first removed using oil), then only a small amount of solvent will remove the remaining oil and your brushes can return to dry storage.

Drying oils offer the ability to effectively surround the particles of pigment and move them out of the bristles. It’s healthy for the bristles and it’s safe for you and the environment. The Windsor & Newton┬« website even demonstrates this brush-friendly solution in their “How to care for your brushes Masterclass”.

A beautifully weighted base

The preserver has a great feel, a nice heft. It’s an elegant design!

The base is beautifully weighted for better stability using glass spheres that you can hear and see moving within the base. The steel cups are magnetically attached, which prevents spills and allows for easy removal.

Are you using the right oil?

Solvents dry out and physically wear on paintbrushes. Unlike non-drying grocery store safflower oil, our high linoleic acid safflower oil is good for artist/paint use. Our oil is even edible.

  • Beautifully weighted with tiny glass spheres for stability (2-lbs).
  • Holds 6 paintbrushes.
  • Stainless steel cups are magnetically attached to prevent spills and allow for easy removal.
  • The tapered cups reduce oil usage.
  • The brush handle clips are extra wide for a firm grip.
  • Has a nice matte acrylic finish and felt pads underneath.
  • Comes with information for smart and simple brush care.
  • Designed and carefully hand-assembled one-by-one in Austin, Texas, USA.

Adding up the value of the clean-up time saved, the extended brush life, and the elimination of toxic cleaning chemicals, and the unit will pay for itself.

Additional information

Weight2.3 lbs
Dimensions9 × 9 × 6 in




1 review for Paintbrush Preserver ~ 6 Brush Oil Dip

  1. Brian Prothro

    Leaving my painting is as simple as clipping brushes into the oil cups and walking away. Really saves on cleanup time.

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